How Laqira | Protocol Works?

A Metaverse Complex, Tunneling Between People on Earth and Blockchain-Based Technologies.
An integrated metaverse complex offering beneficial services and technologies including Defi, Gamefi, wallet, exclusive dapps and so on, with the friendliest user interface for the users.
Laqira Protocol is a metaverse platform aiming to create an entrance gateway to the blockchain world for people on earth, entering which, they can benefit from today’s novel technologies and services in various fields, yet simply. This platform will be an integrated complex containing numerous sections such as Defi and Gamefi services, wallet, exclusive dapps and so on. Any development on Laqira platform will be carried out after creating a proposal by the core team or community members and holding a poll by the token holders. If the proposal gains enough votes on behalf of token holders and also the majority of token holders vote for it, positively, the proposal will be approved by the Laqira team and will go under development. As a result, the platform keeps improving, continuously.

Laqira Protocol Products

Laqirace the first Drive2eran Game on BSC

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