Blockchain-based games have recently received great attention from the digital gaming industry and game lovers. Especially since 2019 and during the Covid-19 pandemic, this industry has become more popular as it provides a new platform both for entertaining the players and also earning money by playing the game.
Of the most significant points of integrating blockchain technology and regular video games, crypto-based payment and ownership of the gaming assets by players in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be mentioned. In such video games, players can buy gaming NFTsthrough two methods. In the first method they can buy NFTs directly from gaming ecosystem. In second method, as NFTs are permanent assets and players can put already owned NFTs in marketplace for sale, freely, thus there is possibility of trading NFTs with other players in a peer-to-peer manner. Therefore, players can also find an intended second hand NFT in marketplace and buy it from other people.
Due to abundant attraction of the blockchain-based games, Laqira Protocol team has entered to the field of blockchain-based game industry and announced its first play-to-earn game, namely Laqirace, built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Laqirace is the first Drive2Earn game on Binance smart chain platform including a variety of categories and sections such as fast race, ranked race, battle race, tournament, offline race, etc.
Laqirace is a hyper-compact game compared to its content according to which, it shows off among other similar games in the crypto market. It is a 3D game which can be classified in Metaverse category according to its different aspects such as cars and characters in the form of NFTs, in-game advertising billboards, possibility of owning tracks to hold domestic and international games carting games, etc. All of the activities of the game are governed in Laqira Protocol marketplace . Also, the gamers can play the game itself to earn income.


The character of Laqira was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, aiming to establish a friendly and genial relationship with people and make the world a better place through it. Then he disappeared and it is narrated that he is helping Laqira behind the scenes to achieve his goal. In this way Laqira established Laqirace as his first curiosity, and invited creatures from all over the world who need to change and progress in their lives. Laqira’s objective is to improve the living standards of humans and creatures that are not satisfied with their current condition.
A short period after Laqira’s public invitation, many characters from all over the world sent him participation requests. Since then, Laqira has kicked off the game and played with them so that they are all spending joyous moments together besides earning money by playing. Laqira has already found many friends and he has cooperated with them to satisfy his grandpa, Satoshi Nakamoto. The interesting point isthat the invitation is public and anyone can join Laqira and cooperate in extending this family. So, you join fast, too and don’t miss even a minute!


Generally, Laqirace has two different types of gameplays including: Racing: Matches in tracks in the form of car race between several competitors with artificial intelligence or online users. During the game, in addition to controlling the car route, users can use various power-ups that can be used in a timely and appropriate manner to overtake rivals.
Battle: Players gather in a surrounded field and try to attack other users and stay safe from their attacks using power-ups. Therefore, In Laqirce, players can decide to play aforementioned gameplays in various forms including solo game with artificial intelligence, online single-match with other players, and also online tournaments.
Although the online and offline races in Laqirace are run with the same gameplay but the players, the control mechanics of the characters and their interaction with the core of the game and also the game rules are different. In offline games, artificial intelligence has the responsibility of controlling the rivals at different levels of difficulty and sets the difficulty level according to the conditions and degree of difficulty of the game and the stage in which the user is present.
In online games all players are real users and mechanics of the characters and how to control them have been designed in a way that it has the best compatibility in different mobile platforms and PCs and it can be easily used by various players.


Laqirace game currently contains five different play modes containing STORY MODE, NORMAL RACE, RANKED RACE, TOURNAMENT, and BATTLE and the players can participate as a guest or connect their wallets to the game as their IDs to play with other online players or artificial intelligence.


In RANKED RACE mode, players can play only a certain number of games called “ring”, per day based on the quality of their character and increase their ranking points based on their race results. In this section, players can complete their daily and weekly quests to upgrade their EXP in addition to receiving prize. Note that, this section has been designed for PVP (Player versus Player) mode and the players cannot participate in it using the default character and car and they must buy at least one NFT for participation.


In this mode, the players have no limit on the number of games they can play with their characters. So, by participating in such games, the players can become more familiar with the game and they can also complete their daily and weekly quests. In this mode, when a player push start button to find a race, match making system waits for online players in order to include them into the race; however, after a certain period of time, if there are not enough online players available for a six-man race, artificial intelligent rivals will be added to the race by match making algorithm. Players can use both default or paid characters and cars to play the such races. Participating in Normal Race has no effect on the ranking trophies and also does not include rewards.


In this mode, 20 stages have been prepared, all of which are in competition with bots and are performed in the form of PVE (Player versus Environment). During the match, the difficulty level changes based on the player's rank. The players can play with the default character and car or the one they purchase. In order to complete the steps in story mode, players need to fight with bear Hope, deer Rudolph, eagle Champ, rabbit Violet, and fox Freya, respectively. There are 4 stages assigned to each character, three of which are in the form of 6-playersrace (5 bot vs player) and the last one is a SOLO fight with the character.


In Battle matches, six players enter the game after paying an entrance fee. As said before they should try to attack other players while staying safe from their attacks by using provided power-ups, and eventually after the match, winners’ prizes will be divided between first to the third-placed players. The players gain EXP by participating in battle races.
The entrance fee for battle races is $5 per player. In a battle the first player who manages to inflict 20 damage to the other players will be the winner of the round and the game is over. Other winners will be determined based on the points that they have acquired in the round. If two players get the same point during a match, the winner is the one who has inflicted the most damage to the other player in comparison with together. If damages are equal, the one who has inflicted the last damage to the other is the winner. If they have not inflicted damage on together, the winner is the one who has inflicted the last damage to other players in comparison to the other player.


The Laqirace project has been developed based on a dynamic economic cycle for players’ monetization and maintaining the economic balance of the system. In this cycle, players participate in races using their properties, receive prizes and raise their skill level and medals. During the game, players earn some special chests which are useful for improving their gameplay. Eventually, players can earn money beside entertainment by playing and participating in this cycle and interacting with other players.


In Laqirace, players can earn money through buying NFTs and participating in ranked races. A $10.2 NFT has been provided for players for testing purposes. They can be used to test the game and players can learn how to make money from it and then if they enjoyed the game, they can buy more expensive characters and cars which costs $30, $60, and $120. Also, Laqira character and a car with Laqira theme will also go on sale in the market for $963.


In Laqirace, 4 various factors of speed, acceleration, handling and recovery time have been considered as effective factors of the race. Various characters and cars have different impacts on these factors. Base speed, acceleration and handling of a character or car have been chosen to be 50 units and base recovery time is 1.5 second so effect of characters and cars NFTs will be applied to the number 50 to obtain total amount of aforementioned factors. It is worth mentioning that Ella (the elephant) has all base stats.


In Laqirace, all in-game cars and characters are in the form of NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN (NFT). Also, chests, wearables and accessories of Offer section, are divided into two tradable and non-tradable groups.
Designed NFTs are different in terms of appearance and impact on acceleration, speed, handling and recovery time factors. Players are owner of their assets and are able to sell them freely not only on Laqira Protocol marketplace but also on the other NFT marketplaces on Binance Smart Chain that supports trading of Laqirace NFTs. Laqirace NFTs are categorized into two main groups as follows:


Currently 7 characters have been designed for this game and the elephant character is provided to the playersfor free. The other 6 characters are sold and traded on Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace with BUSD. The characters contain Ella (Elephant), Hope (Bear), Violet (Rabbit), Champ (Eagle), Freya (Fox), and finally Laqira. As mentioned above, each of them is different in terms of speed, acceleration, handling and recovery time in comparison to others.


Also 9 cars in 12 different colours have been designed which are traded on Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace. A white car named Freeze is provided to the players, freely. The colour of the cars has been pre-designed as follows, but they can be optionally changed at the store section which will be introduced in further versions of the game.



Laqira was made up by Satoshi Nakamoto. One day, Satoshi, in his loneliness and isolation, decided to have an adopted child who can transform the world into a more pleasant and intimate place with his presence. So, he created the clever Laqira and set a goal for him to make the world somewhere fun for people of all races and genders to live. ...


Freya was sick from birth and had become a domestic animal. She was discovered by a Polish photographer. She used to pose uniquely in front of the camera, but she was far from her true character. Competitions and challenges were exactly what could make her a happy and lively fox again. Freya's friend, Zodiac, who had appreciated Freya's photos over and over and was completely aware of Freya’s abilities, offered her to participate in Laqirace ...


Violet was the most stylish and special rabbit in the world. He used to live in Tokyo as a fashion model and he had his own costume designer and photographer. But this luxury and calm lifestyle was not compatible with his energetic character. ...


In the sky, there are odd powers that each of them reigns alone. In the part of the sky where Champ's realm was, he brought forth comfort and tranquillity for other birds. Every once in a while, he used to hold a speed race to bring joy and enthusiasm to different birds. Despite his extraordinary flying speed, he never tried to show his strength in front of weaker ...


Rudolph was born in a large family after eight other deers. Every year, on New Year's Eve, with the rest of his family, he used to drag Santa Claus' chariot from one house to another. Rudolph was satisfied with making the chi ldren happy. Since he was a fast runner, after a while Papa Noel chose him as the deers’ forerunner. But this could not be the end of the story and the ultimate goal for the fleet-footed Rudolph. ...


Hope was living with his mother Lily in a large zoo and was known by everyone there. Hope was frisky and intelligent as a child and he could run much faster than the rest of his kind. His mother, Lily knew better than anyone that Hope was no ordinary bear. He loved speed and used to come in first in all the speed competitions among his friends. These different features of Hope, attracted everyone's attention, especially the great documentarians ...


Ella had lost her parents when she was a child and lived alone. This loneliness made a strong girl out of Ella. Ella had big dreams and one of them was to have a big and loving family in which she could feel safe and secure. ...